• Question: What is dontreadbooks?
  • Answer: dontreadbooks provides a selection of handpicked books that stand out in two attributes; remarkable design and unique content. dontreadbooks was founded in 2022 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands - a European hub for interior design and architecture. 
  • Question: Why should I not read books?
  • Answer: Our brand name is just a slogan. Of course, you should read books if you want to because they often provide us with new insights and expand our horizon. In fact, all of our selected books are highly insightful and interesting. However, the main idea of dontreadbooks is to not only consider books as a stack of readable pages, but rather a stack of readable pages that can also be employed in interior design. Thereby, dontreadbooks does not seek to undermine the informational and entertaining value of books, but rather add the often overlooked dimension of aesthetic interior design to their characteristics.


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