Top 10 Interior Design Trends

Top 10 Interior Design Trends

More Greens 

When it comes to Color of the Year announcements for 2022, one color stands out above the rest: green! Shades like Evergreen Fog, Olive Sprig, and Laurel Leaf are being released by major paint firms including Benjamin Moore, Behr, and Sherwin-Williams. So far, interior design in the 2020s has adopted a naturalistic approach, so earthy and deep greens are expected to be popular in 2022.

Darker Kitchens

Kitchens that were white, antiseptic, and difficult to clean were so last decade! In 2020, when we began to cook more at home, we noticed how time-consuming it is to clean a white-on-white kitchen. Darker kitchens are making a comeback now because they are more user-friendly for home chefs. We recommend going with deep greens, blues, or stained woods for cabinet colors. While white cabinets aren’t going anywhere, warmer tones are welcomed over stark white.

More individualization

Many homeowners in the 2010s spent their time pursuing the trends they saw in magazines, TV shows, and Instagram feeds. By 2020, we were all sick of seeing the identical living room in every house. Personalization is now one of the most popular home design concepts for 2022. Homeowners are prioritizing their choices, no matter how strange they may be. Expect to see more unique built-ins to showcase personal collections, as well as oddities like spiral stairs and hidden doorways. One of the most appealing aspects of the personalisation movement is that it has no boundaries or limitations!


WFH and Multifunctional Rooms

COVID influenced interior design and architectural trends by altering our expectations of our houses. Homeowners today place a higher value on multipurpose and work-from-home rooms than they did a decade ago. As more people switch to full-time remote work, having a quiet office area at home is more crucial than ever.


Furniture made of reeds and cane

While the decade of the 2010s was all about sleek finishes and clear lines, the decade of the 2020s is more textured. The realistic and warm appearance of reeded and cane furniture is now in vogue. Cane furnishings have a mesh foundation comparable to wicker, whereas reeded items have tiny ridges that provide texture. These pieces are exquisite in their celebration of organic form, texture, and nature.


Pattern and color mixing

Florals for the year 2022? Now it is truly revolutionary! Our interior designers in San Antonio are ecstatic to see a return of strong pattern and color, including classic designs like flowers and stripes. Laura Ashley bedding, popular in the 1980s, is making a comeback. Homeowners are now again adopting old-fashioned fabrics, thanks to the development of cottagecore and granny chic design trends. People are also seeking for methods to brighten up their homes with color. Warm earth tones, vivid jewel tones, and relaxing hues derived from nature are recommended for boosting neutral color palettes. When it comes to design and color, we suggest being bold. Consider how it might look with a larger application if you like it enough for a pillow or a wall.


Collectibles and Antiques

Production and delivery delays are occurring for all furniture items, not just special orders, due to supply chain gaps. As a result, more individuals are foregoing large box stores in favor of antique stores in order to complete their home design projects faster and achieve a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Antiques are really beneficial to current décor schemes, such as the cottage style. While finding antiques might be difficult, it is rewarding to find that one-of-a-kind collectable that you will be able to pass on.


Combination of indoor and outdoor living

Outdoor areas will receive the same amount of attention as inside rooms in 2022. Homeowners are hiring designers to layout their patios before even thinking about redoing their living rooms in some circumstances. Remember to consider the flow between the inside and outside when designing indoor-outdoor living, as well as the correct patio furniture and resort-style facilities. Spas, firepits, pools, and outdoor kitchens are all increasingly popular additions to backyards.



Curved Lines

Straight lines might feel stiff, formal, or minimalist, which are all characteristics that have been used to characterize house design in the last decade. Homeowners nowadays choose a softer, more natural look. Curved lines are an excellent way to add softness and organic shapes to a space, making it more soothing and inviting. While straight lines will continue to be popular, in 2022, expect to see more curved couches, mirrors, and even walls.

Nods to Nostalgia

The decade of the 2020s has been defined by nostalgia. As a result, 1970s psychedelic designs and 1980s rad décor are both making a comeback in today's houses. While avocado-green appliances aren't being installed in kitchens, homeowners are choosing for warm 70s color palettes that include earthy greens and oranges. Similarly, 80s themes such as Laura Ashley bedding, brass accents, and even glass blocks will be popular in 2022. Subtle allusions to nostalgia are a wonderful approach to remind us of our favorite eras while creating a dynamic and layered design concept across the house.