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We all understand that you need to read and useful. But few people actually read. More than one book a year, but always. So why do you need to read? When You read writers who write very well, You are trained and used well to Express their thoughts, speak good. Much nicer to talk to the person that correctly and clearly expresses his thoughts. But if You want to succeed in business, in politics, in leadership positions, you have to be very well to negotiate, be a leader and lead people. But at the same time, your culture does not depend on a large number of books and number of books You understand. You can just read about not thinking, and it is possible to read, analyze, read and practice. And yet, people who read books will always manage those who instead of reading books rather watching TV. Television does not develop, on the contrary, television inhibits the development. Limit your TV viewing. We understand that this is to abandon watching TV impossible. But try to at least halve the time spent in front of the TV and devote that time to reading good literature. Promise that you will notice significant changes in your life for the better.

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